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You may wish to enclose your garden for privacy and security, to hide an ugly view or merely to make the garden look good. Perhaps you need a reinforced retaining wall, a timeless dry-stone wall, something more contemporary using railway sleepers, or a hedge to provide a year-round evergreen screen. All of these are possible. Just make an appointment, and we can discuss your needs and propose a practical solution. We have the expertise!

Tree Planting

Our experienced and skilled staff will handle all kinds of services related to tree planting and surgery. We specialize in all aspects of arboriculture. Services offered range from full takedowns and felling to light, formative pruning and trimming.

Garden Care

Your garden is an extension of your living area, a great place to relax, play, dine, work or entertain. Bringing your gardening dreams to fruition is Big Bone Garden’s speciality. The company’s clients include individual house owners and professional groups such as campsites and hotels.

Water Features/Fountains

Fountains add an attractive feature to the garden, and the sound of running water is soothing and relaxing during the hot summer days. With our experience, we can help you choose the fountain that will most enhance your garden.

Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance is not just about raking, tidying and keeping the lawn trimmed, it involves working with the seasons. Considerations for watering and when to prune plants and trees are as important. We will undertake any garden project.

Lawn Care

The secret to producing the perfect lawn is all in the correct preparation and the right choice of lawn. The correct irrigation and drainage are also essential,especially in the south of Louisville.

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping is about adding elements other than plants to a garden. It can be done for practicality or purely for aesthetics. It includes all garden structures built with hard materials from stonewalls to pathways, walkways, paving and steps.

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Great Job!

Great Job Thanks! Love the signs on plants like if they seasonal, etc. Life warranty on trees – that’s amazing!

Amanda Mendez

Great Service Thanks!

Great Service Thanks! The service is awesome! John is the best at what he does.

Crystal Pena

Very Helpful

Very Helpful Staff! Treated us as good friends and are very well knowledgeable.

Leon Maclin

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We are a gardening company based in Louisville, KY specializes in different areas such as landscaping , design and construction of native gardens, Mediterranean garden, Japanese garden, Zen garden, and its variations.

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