You are planning your garden for the spring and you want to use planters. It is easy to choose by researching and selecting planters to fit a theme or style. You could choose planters on the ground and even for the walls or fences. You can choose planters of cement, plastic, cedar or other types of wood. In a variety of sizes and attractive shapes and designs, the choice is vast.

A main concern is where to place them. You could create a little garden area with a bench surrounded by different types and sizes of planters. You could decide to place them in an arrangement around the house. If you plant flowers in different areas of the yard that will bloom at different times, you will have a great amount of color and beauty for the entire season.

Having planters makes for easier gardening, as they are not low on the ground and makes it easier for the person with back problems. Also, it is easier if you want to take cuttings of flowers for your house. You could make a planter garden surrounding bird feeders and baths for the birds. Planting flowers in the planters that will attract birds, will add to the beauty and interest in your garden as well.

If you decide to take the do it yourself route, order kits to make some of your planters. The choices here are wood or plastic; some just snap together while others are assembled with screws or nails. Whatever planter you choose, it will surely enhance the overall decor of your garden.